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We bring quality education, supportive community, & confidence-building practices together so you have the tools & resources to create your most amazing life all around!

We give you the tools to rebuild your mental & emotional foundation while you're strengthening your intuitive skills in a supportive and safe environment.

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Neema has a beautiful story that goes from human trafficking to human triumph! Neema always finds exactly what she needs in Zen Ed Academy no matter what she's going through! Neema, we are tremendously proud to be a part of your journey, and excited to see where you go from here! As we've said before, Neema... welcome back to LIFE! You've EARNED IT!

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What Makes Us Unique?
Brain Science Meets Mysticism!

Our Signature NBA Method uses Neural Bridge Alignment which comes from decades of experience with thousands of clients worldwide solving some of the greatest challenges, deepest traumas and emotional upsets of life.

THE RESULT: A Unique Method that literally aligns your mind to access more chill out and less freak out while connecting to your natural intuitive abilities crystal clear without the clouds and chaos of overwhelm.

100% Dedication

Our continuing mission is to create and maintain a safe environment with quality education, tools, and practice for you to Stand Strong, Stand Out & Do More For The World with Your Unique Super Powers!

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Everything You Need To Clear Your Intuitive Gifts In The Next 30 Days (And Beyond)!
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Quality Education!

STOP wasting your time bouncing from system to system, or video to video searching for little nuggets along the way only to be led down one rabbit hole after another feeling let down or abandoned when you need help most. Get the QUALITY EDUCATION that comes from over 80 combined years of our deep study into the science of self growth and the magic of mysticism.

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Supportive Community

We all want to find our people, and more importantly, to be accepted for who we are at our core. Our continuing mission with the Zen Head Community is to create that safe space of acceptance, growth, and support that a home is supposed to feel like. Unlike other groups that seem to be a free for all of high school all over again, or the icky feeling of being used for your money and abandoned once you enter. You get a personal introduction to the tribe, and quality leadership just as dedicated to your growth as we are!

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Constant Practice!

The fastest way to build confidence and get those Neural Pathways strong is by practicing with other students who support your growth, no matter what level you are at, so you can go from the wobbly first steps of a beginner to running with the rock solid stride of a pro in no time flat!

  Practice & Build Confidence With The Tribe!

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When you join Zen Ed Academy today, you also get a unique Bonus not available anywhere else called the QUICK START CLARITY CALL.

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Here's What You Get:

  • A Quick Video Call With David
  • Share Your Journey
  • Get Tailored Guidance & Direction
  • After The Call, He Will Send You A Personalized Plan That Perfectly Matches Your Unique Journey

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I had the best experience with David today. Just started my training in order to use my abilities. I was very at ease with the experience and all my questions were met with personal answers. I did not feel like it was a “vomit” of what could have been said but was personally driven to meet me where I am at and to my goals. Some professionals just say the same things over and over this was not my experience. I look forward to what’s next in the training and am grateful to this team for taking the time to better others and to actually teach!!

Stephanie Jackson
Zen Ed Academy Member

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Way More Than Just Your Average Teachings"
“Why I Joined Zen Ed Academy: I watched a couple of your YouTube videos, and felt what I described above! The price options you made available allowed me to try it out.
What I Found: I absolutely love the comprehensive perspective, and compassionate teaching style! I love that you take into consideration the well being of the student, and how that can impact the quality of the knowledge gained.
Why It's Worth It: This is more than an investment in a simple course. You will find support here, and way more than just your average teachings! You will be supported in the process of your learning, and you will grow as a person! Go for it!”

Jennifer J-B
Zen Ed Academy Member

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Healthy Brain Diet"
“absolutely loving your foundation series in #ZenEdAcademy Definitely a healthy brain diet. yo, pulling all of my crap out of the closet and growing. Good times. its deep, and so real. Thank you guys."

Cheryl E.
Zen Ed Academy Member

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “MORE than 10 Years of Therapy!!"

“You guys have helped me MORE, in the past month than 10 years of therapy!!”

Maryann H.
Zen Ed Academy Member

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Clarity For A Highly Sensitive Medium"
“You guys help me grow spiritually and understand all that has kept me confused as a highly sensitive medium. All other "professionals" have me pills trying to stop my connections. Guess what... pills don't work and there's no need to stop the connection once you learn how to do it properly. I can't Express how much I loooove Zen Ed Academy"

Julie W.
Zen Ed Academy Member

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The Complete Information"

“I began my mediumship learning journey by researching countless YouTube videos. Most of the videos just explain how the medium does a particular activity and does not go into explaining the activities work, what is happening in the background. Zen Rose Garden videos give you the complete information about the mediumship practices i.e. history, mechanics, pitfalls etc.

I have been a student of the Zen Ed Academy and the Facebook group for 2 months now and I can say I gone from a skeptical student with very low confidence to being well on my way to becoming a medium.

I highly recommend the Zen Ed Academy to anyone looking to learn mediumship. David and Heather's system works and is a great value for money as well when comparing to other courses available. I have learned so much from the Zen Ed Academy that I fell I have a solid foundation for my learning moving forward.”

Zen Ed Academy Member

Aaron has already come a long way from fear and overwhelm and in such a short time we've been blessed to witness his transformation from the dark though to the light!  Aaron, we're so glad you found your way out of the dark cave and back into the light of the world again, replacing the fear with confidence. Keep coming back to YOUR truth!

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Why Choose Zen Ed Academy?

The Founders

(This Is Our Life's Work!)

David & Heather have spent their lives dedicated to cracking the code of the human experience by recognizing patterns across life, studying how the mind works, where beliefs come from and how people can use mental constructs to release trapped or blocked emotions and energy, and how to unlock the deeper parts of their mind to calm the primal mind and improve the evolved mind while growing and becoming more human along the way.

Heather Kim Rodriguez, PhD & David A. Caren, C.Ht

Bringers of Brain Juice 🤯, Tamers of Wild Unicorns 🦄 & Wayward Fairies 🧚‍♀️

Our Signature NBA Method

We have developed our Unique NBA Method using Neural Bridge Alignment to work with how the mind and body are already wired to build a better bridge from our natural intuitive abilities to our more chilled out evolved mind instead of our freaked out primal mind.

This system has been proven with over 2,000 clients worldwide to solve some of the deepest traumas and literally rewire the brain to relieve stress, anxiety and fear and experience more clarity, confidence and peace.

The Results: Experience Clarity and Confidence in Your Intuitive Gifts In The Next 30 Days, GUARANTEED!

THE BONUS: Free yourself from worry, doubt and insecurity. Live with more certainty and purpose!

The effects of Neural Bridge Alignment go far beyond your Intuitive Gifts & Abilities... Because you are aligning your brain itself, this affects your ENTIRE LIFE!

Our Signature NBA Method is The Safest, Most Stable Way to Eliminate Fear, Anxiety & Confusion in Your Intuitive Gifts in the Next 30 Days! Zen Ed Academy is the fastest, easiest, most effective way to experience Neural Bridge Alignment in ACTION!

We’ve got your back.

You can rest assured knowing that we are here to help you grow by providing the tools, support and practice you need to accomplish ANYTHING you dream of!

Our Zen Head Community is built around amazingly supportive people just like you who have been through similar experiences, and made it through to the other side. Drop a question in the group, go about your day, and come back to insightful direction, guidance, and support, whether it's kind words, a lesson that would help, or a practice that you can join.

Where will your journey take you?

We are absolutely THRILLED to see where your journey takes you!
Everyone is different, and there is no one size fits all.
You need something that FITS YOU and more importantly that FEELS AMAZING!

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Julie has such a tremendous heart and such a willingness to help in any way she can, without over extending. We are blessed to have her as a part of the crew in Zen Ed Academy! AND that accent is so endearing! She always faces the next thing with confidence and skills, and continues to show up for herself! We're proud of you Julie!

Zen Ed Academy Member


Shae found us on a whim at the beginning of Covid-19 Quarantine, and decided to stay! Her existence and relationship to her self changed in just an hour! Shae nailed it with how driven we are to genuinely help you get to whatever your next level is! Shae, you are one AMAZING cheerleader, and we're so excited you're on our team!

Zen Ed Academy Member


Jeff came to us wanting so desperately to learn Mediumship to find peace knowing that life continues. He's also dealt with lots of criticism for his journey, and in just a few short DAYS, found that peace!
Jeff knows he now has the tools and skills he needs to follow his life long passion, and couldn't be more excited!

Zen Ed Academy Member


Jo came to us after over a YEAR of searching, looking and digging for something to help on her journey... She took the leap, and within the 1st HOUR of joining, she realized JUST HOW GIFTED she already was! Just by joining a practice, she could compare herself to others who were also gifted, and could FINALLY feel at home!

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